Rockhopper Agency Announces Signing PowerFlex 5

PowerFlex 5, featuring skateboarding pioneer Steve “Salba” Alba and LA Ink star Corey Miller, choose Rockhopper to book European and Scandinavian shows

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 3rd of March, 2016 – Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it signed Souther California-based PowerFlex 5 to its impressive roster. The band features skateboarding icon Steve “Salba” Alba on guitar and vocals and LA Ink star Corey Miller on drums and vocals.

Born in the SoCal Badlands, the band’s live shows roll with intensity and drive, like the seminal skateboard wheel the band is named after. The music is surprisingly diverse, sliding from charging punk into loping western and spacey surf instrumentals. Blues veteran Bobby Abarca helps Corey complete the rhythm section, playing his P-bass(tm) and stand-up bass like rolling thunder under the complex, intertwining guitar melodies. Tracy Robar, another world-class touring pro, shares guitar duties with Salba, his Fender Jazzmaster roaring in unison with Salba’s twanging Gretsch.

“PowerFlex 5 is a truly unique musical act,” stated Archie Dani, Rockhopper’s L oxycontin generic.A. agent who was responsible for signing the band. “I was drawn in by the incredible range of musical influences and their ability to seamlessly transition from hook-filled punk to blues to crazy surf jams. These guys are fantastic showmen, and the audience really play off his energy . We are very proud to represent this band in Europe and Scandinavia.

For booking or more information, please contact Archie Dani at

Photo : James L :Ellis