Rockhopper Agency is an independent and international agency which have offices in Helsinki and Los Angeles. Rockhopper combines the agility of an aggressive new, boutique agency with the vast experience of its agents.

Rockhopper Agency concentrates on international agency representation and local promotion. We are also putting our efforts on acquiring U.S.-based artists in need of European booking services.

Juha Juoni has long and distinguished career in the music business. He started at Welldone Agency that later became Live Nation Finland. He moved on with his agent/promoter career at RedBerg Agency as an owner of the company before he started Rockhopper Agency. Juha worked for ten years for Provinssirock, one of the biggest Finnish festivals.

Archie Dani enjoys a long-time working relationship with Mr. Juoni, and brings to Rockhopper a wealth of experience and talent. As a former recording artist herself, enjoying a lengthy career while under contract with Universal, Ms. Dani also has a vast network of professional contacts throughout the industry.