Rockhopper Agency announced that it signed punk/surf rock act, Transers

Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it signed Long Beach, California based Punk/ Surf Rock act, Transers to its impressive roster.

Long Beach natives Valdez brothers with their childhood friends Frank Partida and Jesse O´Brien formed the band Transers 15 years ago. The band has performed all over the US since. Transfers are extremely excited and looking forward to taking their act to Scandinavia/Europe.

“Transers is a truly unique musical act,” stated Archie Dani, Rockhopper’s L.A. agent who was responsible for signing the band. “I was drawn in by the incredible range of musical influences and their ability to seamlessly transition from hook-filled punk to Rockabilly to crazy surf jams.
I am extremely pleased to be working with such professional act,”

For booking or more information regarding Rockhopper International, please contact Archie Dani at