Rockhopper Agency Announces Signing The Focke Wolves

Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it has signed American rock act, The Focke Wolves. The band features noted musicians from the United States, and has extensive touring and recording experience.

This five member high energy, hard charging group from Southern California USA moves around, taking up every square inch of space on and off the stage. Punk-Damaged American Rock N’ Roll at its finest.

“I am extremely pleased to be working with such an amazingly professional and talented group of musicians,” stated Archie Dani, Rockhopper’s Los Angeles agent. “Seeing The Focke Wolves perform for the first time was a feast for the eyes and ears. Loud, raw energy sound and plain mean, down and dirty, the way Rock’N’Roll should be. I look forward to bringing them to festival audiences in Europe and Scandinavia and increase their visibility domestically.”


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