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Rockhopper Agency Signs Punk Rock Karaoke

All-Star band Punk Rock Karaoke pick Rockhopper to book European and Scandinavian shows.

”Punk Rock Karaoke is the ultimate interactive punk rock show”

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 25th of January, 2016 – Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it signed Los Angeles-based band, Punk Rock Karaoke. The band features musicians from some of the most influential punk bands in the United States.

Punk Rock Karaoke has been performing since 1996, but the setlist spans punk favorites from the present day back to 1977. Audience members pick a song from the playlist and sign up. When the band calls a name, that person instantly becomes the singer in a world-class punk rock band, backed by some of the most experienced and important musicians in the States.

The current lineup includes: You! + Greg Hetson – Circle Jerks/Bad Religion; Stan Lee – Dickies; Eric Melvin – NOFX; Steve Soto – Adolescents; Eddie Tatar – DI/Dickies; Darrin Pfeiffer – Goldfinger.

”Being friends with Greg Hetson for 15 years and knowing his energetic stage performances, I knew Punk Rock Karaoke was going to be the most unique—and funnest—live act touring today,” noted Rockhopper’s Los Angeles agent, Archie Dani. ”The audience experience is truly unique. Punk Rock Karaoke is the ultimate interactive punk rock show. We are extremely excited to bring this incredibly entertaining group to Europe and Scandinavia.”

For booking or more information regarding Rockhopper International, please contact Archie Dani at or visit

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Mondo Generator selects Rockhopper Agency to book Scandinavian shows

HELSINKI, FINLAND — 22nd of January, 2016 — Mondo Generator, featuring Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age and the Dwarves, announced that it has chosen Rockhopper to book the band in Scandinavia.

Mondo Generator is the brainchild of renowned bassist/songwriter and heavy music veteran Nick Oliveri (aka Rex Everything). With a career that spans a decade plus and includes four full length albums and numerous singles on labels worldwide, along with multiple world tours and festival appearances, influential is an understatement.

In 1997 Nick focused on developing Mondo Generator, while also finding time to continue playing with the Dwarves and Queens of the Stone Age. With Nick at the production helm and Steve Feldman manning the controls at Monkey Studios in Palm Desert, CA, they unleashed Mondo’s brutal and notorious debut album Cocaine Rodeo (Southern Lord Records) to the world. Eleven tracks recorded in the desert that melded stoner rock and punk with seething raw production, he recruited fellow musicians Brent Malkus (aka Burnt Mattress) and Rob Oswald (aka Up N. Syder) to round out the band. It also features his old band mates from the Kyuss years: Chris Goss, Brant Bjork, John Garcia and Josh Homme on select tracks.

“Mondo Generator has a huge following in Scandinavia, but hasn’t toured in the region for several years,” noted Archie Dani from Rockhopper’s Los Angeles office. “We are thrilled to welcome Mondo Generator back to fans who love them.”

The band is currently recording its latest album, which will be released toward the end of summer of 2016. Nick and his Mondo bandmates are planning extensive tours through Europe and Scandinavia to support their latest—and heaviest—release.

Rockhopper Agency Announces Signing of The Flamethrowers

The Rock N Roll band The Flamethrowers choose Rockhopper to book European and Scandinavian shows

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 20th January, 2016 – Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it signed Los Angeles-based Rock N Roll band The Flamethrowers.

The Flamethrowers are an American Rock and Roll band formed in the summer of 1984 by guitarist and skateboard legend Steve “Salba” Alba, drummer Edward “Evil” Neville, bassist Rocko Occhiato and vocalist Kurt M. Ross. In November of 1984, guitar player Jeff Moses signed on. The band quickly became known as an impressive club draw in and around Southern California, supporting headliners like Guns n Roses, The Lords of the New Church and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Flamethrowers’ blistering live shows and unique sound draw upon a dirty bag of delta blues, rockabilly, pub, punk, garage rock and straight money glitter boogie.

“These guys have been a fixture in the Los Angeles glam/punk scene forever,” stated Archie Dani from Rockhopper’s LA office. “It wasn’t until I finally caught a live show that I understood what all the hype was about—great rock songs, delivered with jackhammer intensity. This is exactly the kind of rock experience that European and Scandinavian audiences want imported from the States. Rockhopper is proud to welcome The Flamethrowers to our extensive roster of bands.”

For booking or more information regarding Rockhopper International, please contact Archie Dani at or visit

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