PowerFlex 5

In 2002, guitarist and skateboarding legend Steve " Salba" Alba brought together the best musicians in the Badlands of Southern California to cook up the shocking blend of blues, surf, punk and spaghetti western known as PowerFlex 5.

The band’s powerful rhythm section features LA Ink star Corey Miller on drums and vocals. Corey’s as creative and brilliant behind the drum kit as he is with a tattoo gun. Laying down the heavy bass lines is blues vet Bobby Abarca. Bobby’s been a touring pro for over two decades, with passport that’s as inked up as one of Corey’s best customers. 

Tracy Robar shares guitar duties with Salba, often doubling and harmonizing with the music’s complicated melody lines. Tracy, another world-class touring pro, lights up his Fender Jazzmaster with deft fills that sonically compliment the rich twang of Salba’s Gretsch.

PowerFlex 5’s live shows, like the seminal skateboard wheel it’s named after, roll with intensity and drive. The music is surprisingly diverse, sliding from charging punk into loping western and spacey surf instrumentals.

Photo : James L :Ellis



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